Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why Thief?

            Ninety to 99% of my creative drive comes from gaming and games I have played. Fifty to 60% of this comes from the first two Thief games. Since I first played them as a kid, I have loved everything about them: their atmosphere, their stories, characters, environments, design, gameplay, and overall aura. The experience of playing the original Thief games has been a fundamental part of my psyche. They are, to get a little melodramatic about it, my first and truest love.
            So okay. I love these two games Thief: The Dark Project and Thief II: The Metal Age. I’m doing this project on them. Great for me—but what about you? Why should you care, especially if you may not be interested in games and may have never even heard of Thief.
            The answer: you should care if you like great stories—great entertainment experiences. My thesis throughout this project is that the Thief games are the ideal story-telling platform and entertainment experience. I’ll try to relay to you why I think this is so via mini-essays on topics and themes from Thief and via mission-summaries I write for select levels from the first three Thief games. These mission-summaries will also include material on Thief fan-missions created by members of the fan community at Through the Looking Glass (see '').
            I hope, through this, to share some of the greatness that I have always enjoyed from the Thief games. So if you in any way appreciate great storytelling and other entertainment experiences, then please read, watch, and enjoy my blog; or, more importantly, play the Thief games.

            -Trevor Whalen

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